General Info

Open to grades 1st-5th

Rehearsals* are every Wednesday (beginning January 29) after school. 

Chorus will be excused at 3:00pm

Select leads will stay until 4:00pm

Performances* will be April 3rd and 4th at 6:00pm

*Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, rehearsals have been paused at this time. We will update rehearsal schedules and performances as soon as possible.

production files

Please look though the Character Breakdown and decide for which role(s) you would like to audition.

Then print and fill out an audition form to bring with you to the auditions on January 22nd. 

Along with your audition form, please fill out and bring the Performer Info Sheet to auditions.

If you child goes to Child Care, you MUST fill out the Child Care Release and give it to Child Care before audition day.